About Me

  I always knew throughout my entire life, my passion was helping others. I wanted to help people, but really wanted to help those who were wanting to change their situations and focusing on their self-growth, knowing there was more available to them. As young as thirteen, volunteering quickly became a main theme in my life. Volunteering led me to work with many diverse populations including victims of domestic violence, felons in Department of Corrections, victims of homelessness, substance abusers, involuntary psychiatric patients, voluntary psychiatric patients, the geriatric population in nursing homes, children with disabilities through equine therapy, people in hospice care, and even animal shelters. Through my experiences with all different types of people with all different struggles, my passion to help grew and led me to a more traditional route of college. I received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Human Services with a Concentration in Mental Health Counseling. I loved learning approaches and techniques to help people, but yet I still felt something was missing. I kept seeing the cycle of substance abusers relapsing, perpetrators re-offending, victims returning to abusers, and psychiatric patients coming back in and being re-committed. This did not make much sense to me. I began questioning how this could be happening if people with degrees like mine knew all these theories to help "fix" people. I felt that other cultures around the world had different approaches to these issues than the United States, so I began traveling as much as I could. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel when I was younger as well and benefited from doing a volunteer trip to Guatemala where we were building bottle schools. The appreciation in these villages when they did not have many materialistic belongings was absolutely incredible. I continued to travel around the world and immerse in different cultures. This is when through my own awakening journey, I was introduced to holistic modalities and approaches. I dove in head first and tried every single healing modality I came upon. I worked with spiritual coaches, essential oils, crystal healing, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, sound healing, reiki, herbs, animal communication, and so many more. To say I fell in love is a huge understatement. I felt I belonged, found my true calling, and finally understood what was missing in traditional approaches in healing work. I immersed myself in learning about holistic approaches and combined my traditional knowledge of human behavior with energy work. I began honing in on understanding Universal frequencies, listening to my intuition and Spirit Guides, as well as identifying my gifts and doing intuitive healing work on any living creature that granted me permission. Through manifesting and truly trusting in the Universe, I was able to build my passion into my business allowing me to help others overcome obstacles with practical and spiritual tools. The possibilities are endless to each and every being on this Universe. I am simply crossing paths with you to assist you in reaching your dream life and spiritual awakening.