Intuitive 1:1 Coaching Package

Are you over feeling stuck in a life that is not all that you dream of? Are you tired, restless, and frustrated your goals are not manifesting? If you said "Hell Yes!," you are in the right place!  There is no better time than right now to kick it into full gear and invest in yourself! I am here to help you create a life you love and support you on your transcendental journey you are about to begin. Through your private coaching journey, we will allow you to become the True Divine You and be living the lifestyle you are dreaming of! Here are just a few things we will be doing through this awesome ascension journey:

  • Breaking patterns no longer serving your highest good
  • Clearing stuck energy and energy blocks because "shift happens!"
  • Identifying your Soul’s purpose and moving into your new journey
  • Finding the passions that light you up and make you scream "YES!"
  • Helping you live from a place of pure love for yourself and all living things you encounter
  • Exploring the reasons behind the challenges you are facing in in your life and allowing you to say "goodbye" to the past!
  • Strengthen your intuition because our intuition always leads us where we need to be!
  • Align your Chakras so you are functioning at your highest frequency
  • Explore your heart's purest desires and give them the energy they deserve
  • Teach you to navigate tough decisions with love, joy, grace, and ease
  • Connect to all things and feel a sense of belonging to the beautiful Divine Mother Earth!
  • Shift your lifestyle abundance, happiness, harmony, peace, and FUN!
  • Create the life you love so you cannot wait to jump out of bed every single day! 

Invest in yourself today so your future self can thank you for pushing through the fear holding you back and instead believing in yourself!

This is a package of four (45 minutes each) Intuitive 1:1 coaching calls. They will be recorded so you have the ability to listen to them over and over again! Each time you listen the information will integrate on a deeper and subconscious level skyrocketing your forward in your progress! When purchasing this package, you will be prompted to schedule the first session. After that we will set up the next appointments at the end of each of our calls so they work for your schedule! Don't shy away from what your future has in store for you! Say "YES!" to the incredible dream life you desire right now! I can't wait to see you saying "I am ready!" when you pop up on my schedule!