About Me

  Caitlyn Picerno is an Intuitive Healing Coach and Animal Communicator. Her passion and mission is to return us to self-love, reclaim our inner power, and manifest our dreams into our reality with happy pets by our sides. Caitlyn began her journey in self-discovery through volunteering at the early age of thirteen. She fell in love and purposed a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and Mental Health Counseling, but throughout her education always felt something was missing with the tradition approaches. After many years of traveling adventures, immersing in different cultures, and research work with different populations including with Veterans, Involuntary Psychiatric Patients, Voluntary Psychiatric Patients, Domestic Violence Victims and Perpetrators, Geriatric Patients, and Addicts, she was led to the transformational work she does today. Caitlyn works with the whole human body: mind, body, and Spirit while incorporating animal work. She offers a unique approach of combining practical tools from counseling and spiritual practices in her coaching to work with both the conscious and subconscious mind! She has extensive knowledge of many different tradition and holistic healing modalities as well as studied under mentors for years while continuing her own spiritual awakening. Caitlyn is here to serve us in our journey and allow us to make them be truly magical and heal our traumas