Animal Communication Session

The relationship between your pet and you is an unbreakable bond.

Animal companions can teach us so much about ourselves and often mirror our energy. They are here for the sole purpose of loving and serving us. In this 45-minute session, I will begin to:

● Create a dialogue between you and your animal strengthening your connection
● See how you can serve your animal companion in any better way
● Explore how your energies are impacting each other
● Provide understanding of each other's needs
● Assist in setting clear energetic boundaries
● Address specific behaviors, their past histories, and concerns
● Make recommendations for diet and exercise if needed

If you are local to the Denver, Colorado area, I can do an in person session, but if not no worries! Energy channeling can be done remotely through phone calls via video chat on Zoom. Please email me if you would like to set up an in person session!