The What, When, Why, and How of Manifesting

Manifesting is a Two Step Process

I feel the word “manifest” gets thrown around a lot when a clear understanding is not present. I want to clear up what manifesting is and not only looks like, but feels like. I have seen many different ways people tried to manifest in the past. Often times people go to repeating affirmations to themselves daily or chanting mantras. These can work and often do, but not when the feelings of what you are trying to accomplish is attached. Manifesting woks and is an extremely powerful tool when done correctly. There are two parts to doing this. A thought has to be married to a feeling for a manifestation to appear. What does that mean? Let’s try a little exercise. Take three deep breaths to begin.

Take a second and think of a dream you have. It can be something as complex as what you want your life to look like, or as simple as getting 8 hours of restful sleep tonight. Once you have a dream in mind, write down the feelings you will have or can feel when you reach that goal. Are you happy? Calm? Relieved? Energized? Try to write down at least five feelings. Now take around thirty seconds for each feeling you wrote now to sit in that feeling right now. Sit and breathe in the feelings you wrote now on your paper and allow your heart, body, and spirit to immerse into each feeling. It feels wonderful right? This is the first part of manifesting.

Now we need to look at the thoughts side of the equation for manifesting. Throughout our lives here on Earth, I am sure all of us have heard that if we just think positive everything will be better. Now although this is a true statement, it is a lot easier said than done, right? So let’s begin with a simple thought of what it is you want. What is the dream you were sitting in the feelings of above? I am going to use an example of I want to have more confidence since many of my clients have struggled with owning who they are. So my first thought is “I want more confidence.” This is a great start. It has a strong desire and we know what I want. It needs to be more clear for manifesting though. Manifesting as I mentioned is extremely powerful if done correctly, however, if you simply feel confidence and say the affirmation “I want more confidence,” you may receive confidence, but not how you may have wanted or intended it. When manifesting, we need to be very careful for what we ask for and how we ask. Now getting back to my statement, “I want more confidence.” Ask yourself questions to narrow down the dream. Confidence in what? When do I want it? Why do I want more confidence? How do I want it to appear? Write your answers down.

Manifesting the What, When, Why, and How

Confidence in myself allowing me to generate more self-love and believe in the things I aspire to do.

I want confidence to come to me when I am ready to receive it.

Something to keep in mind when you are putting a time to your dream is that things often do not happen overnight and you do not know when it is best for this dream to appear. I believe a good rule of thumb to use is to ask that it come when it is going to serve your highest good and when you are ready to receive it.

I want confidence in myself so when I set out to do something, I do not stop myself or allow others to stop me.

The “Why” is very important. This is where energy blocks are often present and clearing is needed. It is also when you can assess what kind of mindset you are coming from. What I mean is that often when people have a dream and begin manifesting it, they are coming from a place of lack consciousness. They are feeling like they lack in some way whether it be emotionally like the desire I used as an example or in something such as education, money, time, etc. Regardless of what a person feels they are lacking, if they are coming from a lacking mindset when trying to manifest, often the manifestation does not appear in the way they are waning it too. With my clients, before we can begin to work on manifesting, I have them do an energy clearing to get rid of old patterns and beliefs that are holding them back. Energy clearings can take time depending on how long and strong the pattern or belief is. Don’t worry though, if your energy clearing take a month or even a year, the dream you are desiring is not meant to happen yet because you are not ready or it would not serve your highest good. Things only come to you when you are ready for them.

I want my guides to help the confidence immerse my field and my energy to shift into believing in myself.

The how is not always as important when it is serving your highest good and when you have already clarified the other three questions above. It is more of a way to make sure you know exactly what you are manifesting as is the use of all the questions above. These questions also help clarify if this is a dream that will serve your highest good and the specifics of the desire.

It is time to come up with a one of two sentence statement to manifest now. It should include the answers to the questions and when it is said the feelings should be behind it as well. My statement could turn into:

“I want to have more confidence in myself when I try to do things so I believe in myself. Guides, Spirit, and Universal frequencies please help me receive this confidence when I am ready for it to serve my highest good and allow my energy to shift into self-love.”

How much better does that sound? It is so much more specific that “I want more confidence.”

Now look back at the feelings you had written down before. Do all the feelings fit the new manifesting statement? If not that is alright and just write down other feelings or new feelings that present themselves with the dream. Sit in those feelings again.

Manifesting is not a simple process, but shouldn’t be when it holds such an immense amount of energy. Try doing this for several desires in your future. If you need help, feel free to reach out! We can work on this together. It is not simple and this is why I offer a package that only deals with manifesting. Have fun with you manifesting. Once you create a statement you can feel in your heart when you say it, keep repeating it until the desire is present. Blessed Be!

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