Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra Healing and Clearing

Third Eye Chakra Healing

         Chakras are the energy building blocks of ourselves. As I mentioned in the blog I wrote about the Crown Chakra, I am going to write about each chakra individually since they deserve individual attention. Building on my previous blog about the Crown Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra is the next chakra I will cover in depth. All our chakras are incredible energy centers that carry specific strengths that help your mind, body, and spirit.

         The Third Eye Chakra is the energetic center that holds space for your inner perception, self-reflection, clarity of thoughts, and spiritual contemplation.

Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

         Let’s start with where the Third Eye Chakra shows up on a physical level in our bodies. It is located between our eyebrows in the center of our heads. The body parts that resonate with this chakra are the Pituitary glands, eyes, ears, head, pineal gland, and our brain. Now even if you do not know much about the human anatomy, you would know the above listed body parts are very important in our everyday functioning. Just for an example, looking at the Pituitary glands, they control body functions involved with skin pigmentation, water reclaiming from the kidneys to prevent dehydration, and hormone release related to sexual maturation as well as regulating thyroid glands.

          So you may be reading and thinking, alright but how does this relate back to the Third Eye Chakra? Well, if your chakra is out of alignment, these body functions could be as well. Signs of disharmony could show up in a lack of concentration, headaches, poor eyesight, excessive forgetfulness, confusion, and fear. When your Third Eye Chakra is under-active you may experience a lack of empathy for others, a lack of common sense, and a misunderstanding of anything of a spiritual nature.

Align That Chakra

         Now for the good news, there are plenty of ways to get that Third Eye Chakra back into full gear and allow for an incredibly clear connection to your intuition and guidance from your Guides, Spirit, or Universal Frequencies. The most powerful way to help with getting any chakra back into alignment is meditation. I am a huge advocate for going within yourself and allowing whatever thoughts or emotions that need to come forward to be present. Just sit with those feelings and emotions for awhile. Something that can assist to your alignment during meditation is adding chakra balancing music to your meditation or even doing a guided meditation. You can use the meditation recordings I have made by getting my “Energy Tools” (morning and evening meditations). Yet another helpful tool is utilizing crystals in your meditation and everyday life. There is an abundance of crystals that help serve our bodies all with such outstanding properties. Some crystals that have specific healing properties that work with the Third Eye Chakra are tourmaline, quartz, blue sapphire, and lapis lazuli to give you a starting point. 

          After your meditation some things you may encounter that are signs your Third Eye Chakra is opening and realigning are visualizations, clairvoyance, intense dreams, and clear connections to Pure Source. It will feel like you have a sixth sense. The Third Eye Chakra is such an important chakra to have aligned because your intuition will never steer you wrong. 

          I am more than happy to help with chakra alignment as well. Sometimes it can be hard to align your chakras if you have energetic blocks. If you feel this may be the case, reach out and schedule a session with me! I would also love to hear any questions you have about the Third Eye Chakra! Let me know if you want any more information. There is an endless amount of information about each chakra so please just know this is a good place to start as you work with your chakras and grow on your spiritual journey.

                                                                               Blessed Be!


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